Britney Gregerson-Kaplan, Piano Technician



B.Mus Composition, San Francisco Conservatory of Music
Associate of the Piano Technicians Guild

Five years experience working for renowned pianos stores in Portland and Vancouver specializing in tuning, regulation, repair and rebuilding.

“Years of musicianship has had a profound influence on my work as a technician. My sensitivity as a performer has developed a finely tuned ear, a passion for collaboration, and a devotion to technician work that ensures that every piano coming through the shop is left having obtained the highest level of performance. We breathe new life into pianos for fellow musicians to enjoy for years to come. At our shop, it is incredibly gratifying to work alongside people who understand that quality is of the utmost importance and every day is spent supporting one another in striving for the highest standards.”

—Britney Gregerson-Kaplan, Piano Technician